Soros student

In recognition and appreciation of outstanding achievements in the study of science at the university level, I was selected and named as a Soros Student. I was offered some money as a bonus for this title. But due to economical problems in our country during that period, I got just the title.


Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

It is named after the first president of Russia Boris N. Yeltsin.

I graduated from UFU in 2001 after 5.5 years studing. I got a degree in the area of experimental physics. The scientific activity in the university, in which I was invloved in, was connected with programming of computer models various physical phenomenas. So it was my start in a role of programmer.

At that time UFU wasn’t Federal University. It was Ural State Technical University. But recently both of our main state Universities are united in one structure,  and became what we have now – UFU.

UFU official website is here –