Ways Ltd, Germany, Berlin, remote work

Position: Lead web developer
Duration: 1,5 years (2008-2009)

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  • Maintenance and development of internet projects for Ways Ltd.
  • Supporting and developing www.waytorussia.net (using Drupal open source PHP based CMS platform).
  • Developing www.playberlin.com – Berlin based platform for music and arts (using WordPress open source PHP based CMS platform).
  • As a member of a developers group took part in www.thisislike.com internet project – the associative search engine (PHP, javaScript, AJAX, CSS).

Transport company «Euro-Asian Container Service», Russia, Ekaterinburg

Position: Lead web developer
Duration: 2,5 years (2006-2008)

  • Maintenance and development of the company workstation software (MS Access, MSSQL). Copyright certificate number 2007610656 “Information system” EAKS “
  • Working with a group of developers (as a consultant), who developed the second generation of company workstation software (Delphi, MSSQL). Copyright certificate number 2007610480 “Corporate information system” EAKS
  • Development and support of the corporate website www.eacs.ru (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript). Setup and configuring UNIX web server – Apache.

Transport company «Container Service», Russia, Ekaterinburg

Position: Web developer
Duration: 2,5 years (2004-2006)


  • Creation and support after creation The Remote Access System InternetTrans (php, html, MSSQL, MySQL, JavaScript). Configuring, testing and starting Hardware-software complex for remote access to their own customers to ordering interface container traffic. Copyright certificate number 2005612397 «InternetTrans».
  • Maintenance and development of company workstation software (based on MS Access, MSSQL). Copyright certificate number 2005620242 database “TKKS.”
  • Development of software for optimizing transport cargo operations schedule (Delphi, MSSQL).
  • Support and development of corporate website www.tccs.ru (PHP, HTML). Designing templates and layout for company websites.